Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 36

I've hit week 36...I am officially nine months pregnant. I'm at the final stretch  where anything can happen. I can give birth from now and up to 43 weeks and this baby will be perfect! I've always gotten confused on how many weeks of my pregnancy I really am in months. Awesome chart I found that even us forgetful pregnancy brained mamas can follow and figure out! lol

So as I'm 4 weeks to my due date I mentally prepare as well as physically [as much as I can] to give birth to my third child as I did my previous two. "Natural unmedicated childbirth!" I take pride in going all the way with little or to no medical aid. [ex: morphine and epidural] It's so easy to give in and take the "drugs" but my thoughts on giving birth unmedicated is not only for my personal goal/happiness but most important my child to come into the world not drugged up or "high." A clean birth for my baby is what I ultimately strive for during my labor whether it be short or long.

Last year [so crazy I just did this in o1.o8.12 hahaha] I wrote a blog post about my Natural Birth Plan! I wrote how I wanted a few tweaks to happen that didn't or I want to repeat again with #2. Again I want to state that birth is never the same, never within a mother or father's full control, and anything and I mean ANYTHING can happen. I just think positively and aim for my ultimate goal of having a unmedicated safe vaginal delivery for baby #3. I can't wait!

My tweaks for the third time around.
2. To let me push when I wanna push. Let me the mother [the one giving birth] to be in control. I'm a freak.
3. Once s/he's out not to cut the cord until it has stopped pumping. Its to give my baby an extra push of strength and oxygen. Extra left over source of food too. :D
4. I want to hold my newborn immediately with no interference. Skin to skin warmth and letting my newborn smell mommy's scent is my aim here.
5. Breastfeed immediately! Instant bond with my newborn is important to me.
6. Let husband cut baby's cord after tweak #3 happens.
7. I want my newborn with me every second of every minute. If I'm not available  for my husband to be with the baby. With Maxwell they took him away and I didn't see him until I was situated and "rested" from giving birth in the maternity suite. With Dean only time he wasn't with me was when I had to shower and husband was taking too long lol to get there so I had a nurse stay in the room with Dean as I showered.

My first time around I wasn't as clearly educated and well spoken on my wants. I am glad with my second I did all my research and read all my proper articles and came to the conclusion I wanted to happen, and IT HAPPENED. Of course again a few minor details were not as solid as I wanted but all 1 through 7 of my tweaks were met with Dean. And I plan for that to happen with our third child. I am truly excited and not nervous/scared at all. I just want to met my surprise third baby and can't wait to start our lives off the way only my OCD habits can dream of! :D

I keep things simple and to the point. I know a lot of things can go in many different directions, but all I pray for is a healthy plump baby! My dream, my plan, and my goals. I hope it happens the way I write it. Let this be set in stone! hehehe...Baby Mama is waiting and I can't wait to look into your eyes and feel Heaven for the third time around!

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