Monday, February 11, 2013

Breastfeeding And Nine Months Pregnant

I know I haven't been updating much about my nursing while pregnant journey. But here I am nine months pregnant had a few bumps on the road but still going strong! Nursing on demand only liquid other than water my one year old son Dean gets is Mommy's breast milk. He is happy and as am I. I met my goal of going to a year of breastfeeding. Funny how my husband said, "Meh, you'll give up just give the kid formula!" A year later, "Try to give him a bottle of milk babe" he says, "Why you've got perfectly working boobs!" "My milk in a bottle...I'm going out derh!" lol. My husband is on board full support and I couldn't believe the journey we went through as a couple too. Max my awesome 4 year old remembers drinking regular cow's milk in a bottle and asks, "Mommy was I boobie fed too?" I said yes but only for a bit. He says back to me, "Little breast is better than no breast at all Mama...thanks!" lol He cracks me up.

Back to being pregnant. It had its ups and downs that I knew that would happen. One out of the two things I dreaded happened. [1. milk drying up due to pregnancy hormones 2. i have contractions and have to stop.] I had contractions for a while and had to "stop" well ease on the nursing. I am glad to say that not only did the contractions stop...we are going strong! Baby number three is growing, heart rate's good, and s/he's a healthy baby. 37 weeks pregnant and all is fine and dandy. I couldn't ask for more!

Dean hasn't had any problems with change of taste or lack of milk. I never really had a problem with the amount of milk I produced. THANK GOD! The taste...ummm I can't answer that for you. It might have changed, but Dean is still drinking and has or had no problem whatsoever. :D We are heading to the end of my pregnancy and my next "oh-oh!" moment I'm dreading is me going to into labor in the hospital and having my two to three day's stay while Dean co sleeps with grandma the first night and the other nights with Daddy. He still prefers mommy than a bottle. We never got him used to bottles for there was no need. Also same thing with a pacifier.

As this pregnancy nears its end and a new adventure of tandem nursing starts...I'm pretty sure troubles will arise but I can't wait for what's in store. Mommy and babies bonding time here we go!

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