Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 37

Awesome picture huh?! My family and I went to my cousin's daughter Chloe 7th's birthday party! It was great. We had a mini family reunion. There were a lot of kids games and the photographer caught this fun candid photo of me cheering Max...proud Mama's competitive side showing. So other than the fun party I am 37 weeks pregnant and still sore, well getting worse by the week. They said I am still the same 2 cm and thinning. I will wait naturally and not do anything to induce labor. Better to let the baby decide when to come...though Mommy IS getting tired lol. My weekly prenatal appointments have started and I'm glad to reach the stretch and my baby is healthy. They also said s/he is measuring bigger. Lovely another big bowling head baby lol. I'm thinking somewhere in the middle of Max and Dean's birth weight solid 8 pounds. Again...I can't wait! 

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