Monday, February 4, 2013

New Vaccine Schedule 0-18 For 2013

The American Academy of Pediatrics has come out with a new vaccine schedule. There has been an increasing number of families who over the years delay and we are one of those families. We still think that vaccinations are important, but we read about them and make sure it's what we want for our children. You know when my husband and I were little [not so long ago lol] we had half the number of vaccination that were deemed necessary than today for our children. We turned out fine we are not dying of some weird diseases and most of all we are healthy and producing healthy children. Do our children need more vaccination  I personally don't think they do. We do our research and choose to delay our children's vaccinations. Our own terms...we are not saying we are opposing any or all, but we do look into them.

Being pregnant is another thing. There are vaccinations that my OB says I SHOULD flu shot. I remember having it done when I was pregnant with Maxwell and thought nothing much about it. So my thought the second time around being pregnant with Dean...Yeah sure I'll get it but I did my research and decided to wait. I eventually got it but with all vaccination  nothing is full proof. I still got sick Max still got sick. Third time being pregnant, I decided to get it but delayed. Got sick again Max and Dean got sick. I think something simple as the flu, if its going to happen, its going to happen. Healthy prevention is key.

As for this new vaccine schedule The American Academy of Pediatrics came out with, it effects babies [for me babies #2 & #3.] Also they've changed vaccinations from ages 4-6 [being more relaxed before] to saying its more important now to enforce them. [meaning Max would have to get more.] This is silly, it doesn't just affect little babies, newborns to toddler hood affects all our children up to age 18! My thoughts is to read up on all the vaccination when they say it's time to give them and voice your opinion.

So what are your thoughts parents and parents to be? Does your family delay vaccinations like our family? Or choose what types of vaccinations to give your children?

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