Monday, February 4, 2013

Nesting To Do List

So this being my third pregnancy, I thought I'd be all over and done with preparing baby cloths, newborn diapers, and whatever else I need to set up before s/he comes. Honest truth this whole "nesting" feeling has not hit me at all. With Max I was ready three months early... excitement I guess. As for Dean two months prior everything was set. Now with just a month left I should be scrambling or getting flustered. But I'm not.

Nesting...makes it sound like I'm a bird getting my little nest ready for my little eggs to be housed in. Well I'm not a bird, a chicken, I'm human. Being human we tend to have this little thing happen to us called PROCRASTINATION. It's not a pretty site especially when the mommy has two other kiddies running a muck in the house and nothing is yet well organized. I tried I really did. It's like with every pregnancy, my nesting would become a month less of preparation. Sighs!

1. wash baby clothes and organize in drawer and closet.
2. prep/strip newborn cloth diapers and arrange in proper bins. CHECK!

3. get mini co sleeper. CHECK!
4. get double jogging all terrain stroller. [I can wait for that until late spring]
5. pack hospital bag. CHECK!
6. get max and dean "BIG BRO" shirts to wear when they visit in the hospital. CHECK!
7. get baby a going home outfit. CHECK!

Five out of seven being done with a month left or you never know the baby could come tomorrow lol. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about baby formula and its useless bottles and washing them ughk. Breast milk again for number three! Let's just hope I get it all done by two weeks. FUN!

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