Saturday, February 2, 2013

Be Part Of The Film Bottled Up Mosaic's

February 1st I wrote a quick blog post about an awesome film called Bottled Up. An amazing documentary about formula and breastfeeding. Pros and cons about the business of marketing
 formula. Truly an eye opener. A great film for first time parents, not just first time mothers. A great way to help launch this film out is The Madonna Mosaic. The painting of Da Vinci's nursing Madonna transformed into a mosaic of nursing mothers. A wonderful idea! The first 3000 mother-baby photos will be used to create a 21st Century digital mosaic. Share this blog post and help finish this wonderful project. [the film] Here is the facebook event page Mosaic that gives more information and how to help!

Be a part of the mosaic here!

Get the merch on their online store. Also don't forget to donate to this awesome cause!

Make sure to check out The Film | Bottled Up on their web site. Check out their blog. Keep connected with Bottled Up by liking them on Facebook.

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