Friday, December 28, 2012

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 30

[30 weeks]

This week has been a total pain...literal pain. Went to my 2 week appointment  I know 2 weeks already amazing! Heartbeat was strong and measuring on time and a little over lol...nothing new about that. I'm glad everything is ok but I have been cramping no longer having contractions due to breastfeeding thank GOD! But I ended up going to the hospital to have the baby monitored and me checked. I had bright red spotting on the 27th at 7 pm and the 28th at noon. The doctor did an exam I happened to be 1 cm dilated ..I honestly did not see that coming. With both my previous pregnancies I never dilated til the very end and then some. I am also losing my mucus plug but that doesn't mean anything. They couldn't figure out where the blood was coming from exactly but they told me that I was to be on bed rest [not mandatory but still needed.] So I am home writing this post and I will have to end it early.

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