Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zombie Teething Children

[Amber Teething Necklace]

Teething children are crazy! There I said it! They are! But with all the aches and pains they have we as parents can't help but feel sorry and want to heal all their pains. There are natural remedies I have used with all my children. Sometimes it helps some times it didn't. Each children and "treatment" is different. Try everything like I did lol...it isn't going to hurt...well not for us anyways.

[Breast milk pop]

1. Chew toys. The best that worked we the long giraffe necks, long nosed elephants.
2. Wooden chew toys. Naturally coated with beeswax.
3. Cold fruits or veggies in a mesh feeder.
4. Breast milk pops! I loved it, I had extra milk and I saw the idea and tried it. Dean couldn't get enough.
5. Teething necklace I wore around my neck. So when I carried him he would chew away and or after he was done breastfeeding.
6. Hylands! They have a liquid and chew able tablets well they actually melt in your babies mouth. With all that drool I had to put more than one lol.
7. Clove oil for painful gums. You know its coming out, you see it...poor kids.
8. Amber teething necklaces. They do not chew on it is for its natural oils to going into baby's skin to provide a natural Tylenol like effect.
9. Frozen and or just cold wash cloths.
10. Slushy breast milk. It was fun but a mess lol.

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