Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Preggo's Very Valentine's Day

[My funny Valentine]

Well it started off with Max going to school and having a party. Dean and I went to the library to kill time and then we played in the back seat until Max came out. Max came out with his hands behind his back and swung it to the front real quick and gave me a red flower saying, "Happy Valentine's Day Mommy I love you! This red flower is for you!" I gave him a kiss and a hug. What a lucky Mom I was! We headed back to my mother's and had lunch with her. It was a good relaxing day.

[37 weeks & 3 days pregnant]

Night time came and we got ready and waited for Daddy to come home to take us to dinner. Chilli's our spot. Rad and I had our first date there...well a pitcher of beer drink off. Lol I'm a great cold beverage drinker that's all I'm saying. lol So as we ordered and waited for 45+ minutes...Dean woke up from his nap Max was getting antsy and our food finally came after we've inhaled the chips 15 minutes ago. My food though yummy was cold :/ I'm not much to complain but Rad said, "We don't go out much I want you to have your meal done right!" I talked nicely and wasn't mad at all and they sent me out a new meal...a HOT meal. It was great and silly Max said to the manager, "And my food is too HOT!" Rad and I couldn't help ourselves and laughed real hard at his crazy comment. I whispered  "You can wait to cool it off silly boy!"
[Our $6.00 bill at Chilli's!]

After all was done the manager came back and said don't worry we will comp your meal. When the check came out the total was $5.97. So we only ended up paying for Maxwell's meal. Amazing! We talked and we agreed that we would give the waitress her full tip because it was a busy night and it wasn't entirely her fault. We had a silly fun time out. That's all I wanted. Rad was happy to get a free meal, Max was happy to go out and eat his very "HOT!" meal, Dean was chill [we were happy about it], and I was happy I got to go out with my guys for Valentine's Day.

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  1. It looks like you had a special Valentine's Day. :) And oh, you're almost there! Good luck on your pregnancy.


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