Sunday, April 15, 2012

NY International Auto Show

Beep! Beep! Whose got the keys to my Jeep?!

Super excited today was our first big trip as a family of four! We went to New York's International Auto Show. The largest auto show in America I believe. I'm honestly not the person to talk to about cars, but I sure enjoy seeing new automobiles and seeing my guys have fun! :D Boys are gonna love their cars! So we drove there and thank God no traffic! We enjoyed going from one show room to another. So many different new cars for the year of 2012. Max ran around going from one car to another. So did Rad! Dean was great throughout the whole trip. Now what a great baby! We all got time going into cars we wanted to check out and we got lots of photos! Extremely tired so here's the photos! I can't wait to go to next years NY International Auto Show!

Max and I :D

Max with the Hamster

Rad I think forgot Dean lol


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