Monday, April 2, 2012

Natural Mamas

OMFG That's so gross!

Okay lately there has been news about celebrities eating their own placenta, breast feeding over the age of one up to three years, unmedicated natural birthing, and pre chewing food for your child. The public or rather the media is saying this is a "bold new wave of parenting." Nonsense...way back when when we did not have bottles we breast fed our children. We didn't have blenders or magic bullets to mash our children's food so we pre chewed it ourselves. As for eating our placenta's yes thats also old, and making pills out of them for natural energy and great source of iron is new but its the same thing. Giving birth...well how else did all the women did it before? There is nothing new or gross about celebrity moms and all other mothers out there in the world doing these things.

Now a days our norm is pushing babies in strollers giving them pouches of mashed food, and giving them bottles to feed formula milk. There is nothing wrong whichever way you plan on raising your children. What might be right for me might be totally wrong for another mama. So people before you judge, do a little research. Why is this mother planning on eating her placenta. Just do your homework and not just come out and say "Ew omfg thats gross...she ate her own what?!...she's still breast feeding and her kid is 3?!...she's chewing her baby's food?"

There's so many more things the parents now a days don't know much "elimination communication" where parents simple don't believe in using diapers at all. Where they listen and see baby's yes baby's cue to want to go potty. Cloth diapering is making a huge come back and some parents don't think it really matters on helping out with the planet or thinks its the same amount of money with having to wash and dry them. Also babywearing your child or children (remember that american indian chick Sacagawea who help Lewis and Clark find their way to the Pacific Ocean? there's a dollar with her babywearing her child.) Practicing "attachment parenting." Really where it really comes down if you feel its right for you and your family do it! Go natural mamas!


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