My Baby Bump Journal

Welcome! and for those of you who have been reading my recent posts, you may have read mentions of us being pregnant with number three! With the boys [Max and Dean] I have a documented hand written journal and in the end, letters written for each of them. I will be blogging about my experiences, my thoughts, and every mood swings. [it happens!] So this being my third pregnancy, I am excited to have a weekly blog post. [since I started late with Dean via blog] Since I've been a trooper on keeping up on The Summer Blog Challenge, I can do this weekly pregnancy journal just fine. :D Love for you all to follow my journey!

There will be other expecting bloggers doing weekly posts on their progress, thought and just how things are doing overall. You can access all the posts at any time by using the Baby Bump Journal Tab located at the top of my page. Also on the bottom of the page there is a linky to see all the other expecting mama bloggers out there! God Bless! xoxo

Stay tuned...weekly posts are on Wednesdays!

13 Weeks: Official Blog Announcement
14 Weeks: Dental Work While Pregnant
15 Weeks: Life Is Good
16 Weeks: Two Hour Hike From Hell
17 Weeks: Mentally Lost
18 Weeks: You Know You're Pregnant When
19 Weeks: Old Wives Tales Gender Prediction
20 Weeks: Bow Or Beau [Gender Reveal]
21 Weeks: A Year Ago
22 Weeks: A Very Sandy Halloween :/
23 Weeks: Birthday/Election Week [Surprised I'm not dead yet lol]
24 Weeks: Second Trimester Symptoms
25 Weeks: Emotional Wreck Forgive Me
26 Weeks: I'm Sexy And I Know It
27 Weeks: Snail Minus The Slime Ew
28 Weeks: Not Super Mom :(
29 Weeks: Cranky Pregnant Mom
30 Weeks: Two Week Visit Starts
31 Weeks: Happy New Years
32 Weeks: I Feel Pretty O So Pretty
33 Weeks: Leaking Again & My Back To The Dark Side
34 Weeks: Wedding Anniversary & Birthday
35 Weeks: Prenatal Workouts This Should Be Fun
36 Weeks: Nine Months & Natural Birth Plan Part III
37 Weeks: Weekly Visits Start & Mini Family Reunion
38 Weeks: Bob Had A Baby It's A Boy
39 Weeks:
40 Weeks:
41 Weeks:
42 Weeks:
43 Weeks:

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