Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Petition No Work On Thanksgiving

I personally don't work, but a few of my friends do. This entire working on Thanksgiving honestly sucks. It leads to Black Friday shopping. Workers in the malls are stuck working, while the rest of their families are at home celebrating a federal holiday. Also most likely they will be working on Black Friday too God knows til 2am! I have families and friends that work in the mall and its frustrating to have several empty chairs due to Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping.

24 year old Anthony Rivera has started a petition for Simon Malls-Menlo Park Mall to remain closed on Thanksgiving or Opem at 2 am on Black Friday, not open both days. The holiday schedule is demanding as it is but should the families of the workers suffer too? I think not! If you are a local and care to make a difference whether you have a friend or not that works in Menlo Mall, sign this petition! Thanksgiving is for families not shopping for great deals.

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