Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year started of like every other day. We were invited to go have dinner at my aunts at 5, so this will be a long day waiting for some delisciouse food. The kids were excited to go and when we finally went all that waiting was worth it! We had a Filipino type Thanksgiving. We had a lechon, a whole roasted pig sooo good! Lumpia, fried spring roll also soooo good my boys favourite! Pancit, noodle dish and many more.

We spent time talking, catching up with everybodys life. It was wonderful. We even got to watch a movie all of the cousins under blankets. We had desserts...the kids ran around. Everyone had fun. We cant wait for Christmas! Most of all we are thankful to spend time with my husband who was off Thanksgiving and Black Friday. THANK GOD!

[the cousins, nathan, and i]

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