Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 39

[39 weeks!]

So last week I made a quick decision to announce in my last baby bump journal that we are having a boy. The story was we wanted it to be a secret even to us. Went to hospital because of my "leakage episode", had an ultrasound and the lady said it. I was pissed and actually said, "WHAT THE FUCK...YOU BITCH! WE DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW!" But it's too late. But when I got done being mad...I was super relieved...EXCITED! Yes! I was glad to hear I'm having a third boy. I have openly said that I didn't want a baby girl. If by some miracle it was it's ok. But I honestly prefer all boys. Just my thing. Others have said oh because they are high maintenance  No, not all girls I wasn't brought up like that. I was a tomboy. I like my life simple, I hate to shop. I'm just so used to boys and I've always gotten along with boy children than girls. I just have this weird feeling I'd scare and scar my baby girl if I had one lol. But anywho...It's a BOY!!!

I've been feeling horrible one day and great with lots of energy another. I hate it. When I feel bad I really feel bad. I can't get up and when I need to get up I'm slower than a sloth. But with all that I noticed Mr. N has dropped a great deal. Its scary look when I breathe in its like the top 5 inches of my belly is flat then the rest that follows is a huge lump of baby lol. He is coming soon! I went to my prenatal apointment and they said I am still good with everything and will carry it all out naturally. It's truly crazy. A week away from my due date but again thinking with just the way my children are they will be late...My guess by March 10-12th. I guess, we'll just have to wait and see! I'm doing a lot of walking now! lol

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