Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Window Gel Stickies From Hell

So after feeling like death and slowly getting back up...we finally got to do the window gel stickies. Whatever you call them. Mind you these things have been on since beginning of summer and its now Christmas lol. As i proceed to take them off i noticed they left the glass not in the easy and solid manner i attached in the beginning. It was slimy and was falling apart. Snot like lol. It also left a greasy mess in the glass but thought nothing of it. I went to get our all purpose cleaner and seriously freaked! I thought to myself "this shit isn't coming off! Wtf?!" Well i got Windex...nothing! I have nothing else and went online for a solution.

Don't you just love Google?! So after a couple of site searches i found....NAIL POLISH REMOVER=solution. So i tried it and it freaking worked! Afterwards i cleaned it again with Windex  Let it air dry a bit and its as if was never there. I'm honestly not sure if using nail polish remover was or is safe on the window...there are different types. But it worked and no problems. Max, Dean, and i put the gel stickies on the window. Top pane was Christmas season and for the bottom pane it was the winter season. You learn something new everyday...just thank God I didn't mess up the window...stupid $1 window gel stickies!

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