Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weaning An 11 Month Old


So the journey of FULL ON BREASTFEEDING until my personal goal of being a year is being shattered by [well being a tad too dramatic lol] 7 month pregnancy contractions! That's right! I was so confident that I'd be able to make it without complications and well I can't. Sad to say my nursing Dean on demand until a year is not going to be checked off. But the light at the end of the tunnel...I can still nurse but only 3-5 times in a 24 hour block. Still might seem a lot but Dean is a BOOBIE MAN! Single whine, a single frown...Mommy's boob to the rescue. lol Now I have to selectively give him my milk. [tears lol]

Dean was not only getting weaned [mostly night feedings] but he was also sick. That just made it a whole lot worse. :/ Thank you whoever it is I can thank :/ Well...as I weaned him during the daytime with my frozen milk thank God I had some...he was ok. He was getting used to his bottle. Update: He still hates it. [He threw it at Max's back because he didn't want it.] "Somebody knows what he wants!" lol. We also tried goats milk because my stash of frozen milk was dwindling. I honestly panicked.

I looked through New Jersey Breastfeeding groups on Facebook for some help. I was guided to Human Milk 4 Human Babies and another I can't remember off the top of my head. They were all local Mamas who were donating their breast milk for babies in need. I friend from a group I attended helped me out and I tried her and my milk as a combo. Again Dean wasn't liking it from a bottle but was helping. Some mothers think its not their route to take other mothers milk but I had no choice. I gave him formula...yeah I know formula lol...he screamed his head off. Didn't work...lactaid I heard it was ok to give...NOPE! water he was cool with but wasn't enough vitamins and nutrients he needed. We tried goats milk was ok too but needed more so we tried another mama's milk.

So as I said he was also sick and night weaning was my main goal...God was it all going down the drain! Not only did he refuse everything I tried failed! I felt horrible and so did he. He woke up every hour. I felt in my heart and soul I and Dean wasn't ready. He just wasn't. I barely got any sleep and waking up in the morning was horrid for me. I couldn't move due to such pain and "cramptractions!" I'm glad my husband happened to get that very same week off! But even when Rad took Dean into the other room at night nothing worked. Until now we are coping to wean at least 2 feedings a night.

It is week two and we are doing better...ish? He is sleeping again and is taking night weaning at a slow and agonizing pace...but a pace at least! Hopefully all gets well enough where our lives is back to normal as it can be. I can go out without the fear of stopping and cramping all over the place and fearing the health of my unborn child. I'm glad I can still nurse Dean. So my dream of breastfeeding isn't a total bust! Next adventure...Tandem nursing!

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