Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 29

[29 weeks]

Okay, from last weeks Baby Bump Journal entry...I was in hell. I truly was. I was having to wean my sick 11 month old off the boob or at least lessen it all to 3-5 feedings for 24 hours?! I nurse on demand and that and IS still hard. [Weaning An 11 Month Old] But enough about that. As I went to my last OB appointment last Monday worst fear came true. I MUST STOP BREASTFEEDING! But It's for the health of it's cool I guess. [not much for Dean] Well the baby is healthy and heartbeats awesome. My cervix on the other hand is thinning so 29 weeks doesn't sound fun to give birth. I've slowed down. I've been barely going out. So...I'm much crankier because I'm "stuck" at home all the time. lol But I deal with my two crazy boys they make my days very special. I try to keep busy...but entertaining them with holiday arts and crafts and baking! I actually sit while I cook and bake...I find that odd lol. Brother in law saw me sitting and called me lazy... :/ I yelled at him turning red "WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO GIVE BIRTH RIGHT NOW?! I'M KEEPING THE KID IN LONGER BY BEING 'lazy' GOT IT?!" well that was the end of it. lol Still working on my emotions, especially anger. Hey I'm keeping it real. Third time around being pregnant is a mess. It honestly seems like with every pregnancy it gets WORSE. I have that boost of energy from God knows where then BAM! I'm slower than a 100 year old woman with no legs :/ I try to keep myself upbeat even though I'm huge on complaining. Hey at least holidays are right around the corner. Can't wait to stuff myself stupid, further pushing my unborn child down...while I awesomely get heart burn [FUN!] Who knew having two kids and a third on the way could be soooo much fun?! .__.

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