Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 28

[28 weeks]

Third trimester welcomes me with open arms and a hell of a lot of pains. :D I'm currently and still plan to continue breastfeeding Dean who is now 11 months old YEAHY! almost a year old! :D But lately have been feeling cramps from hell, my belly stiffens and I need to stop whatever I'm doing to hunch over and take a deep breathe so control the pains that travel like fireworks throughout my body. INTENSE! I have talked to my OB she said stop. I talked to several lactation consultants and they said to ease on the nursing. I whole heatedly do not want to wean Dean off he doesn't seem to want to be. So, I will ease up. Monday I had my check up and asked about a cervical length checked to see if im thinning...the only way I'll stop breastfeeding is if my cervix showed thinning. Again folks I am only 28 weeks, I DO NOT plan on delivering a preemie.  I like my babies plump and pink! :D So I will do my best for both children Dean on the outside and number three on the inside. So, lets hope for the best! 

The other thing that I openly complained about lol last weeks post was that I was incredibly snail slow! I find it harder to do things not only at a fast or normal pace but EVERYTHING! I feel a certain force stronger than my will lol holding me down. Simple folding the laundry gets folded the next day. I hate how things lay around and are not done and put in its proper place. Drives me up the wall nuts! I like order and this pregnancy is showing another ugly side of my anger. I've been controlling it and now feeling forced to slow down kills me :/ But better the child be healthy than stress myself out. I need to be a bit more forgiving to myself physically. My husband is and isn't forcing anything. I have to drop Max off to school, take care of a running 11 month old, feed them, try not to forget to feed myself for the third child, do daily routines, my goodness I feel like a total mess lol. I guess I'm not super mom after all. :/ poo...

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