Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 24

With my 24th week half way through...I've noticed I have been having intense round ligament pains. Major pain to the point where I can NOT move. As if I was being kicked on a nerve that prevents me from standing or bending. Even sitting was literally a pain. :/ I asked my OB on why it hurts so much I can't move. She stated...since my body [insides] never got a chance to heal itself everything is kinda loose and not fully in its rightful place. The baby is healthy and so am I. That's all that matters, and I guess I have no choice but to take the pain as it comes. But other than that and lower back pain due to carrying Dean around...I have been pretty decent. I wish I didn't have any type of pain whatsoever, but pregnancy isn't all fun and pretty things. I've learned to actually slow down a bit...I hate that because when I have something in mind I go do it as fast as I can. Again hard to do that now being much rounder and lugging two other children around. The little guy's/girl's kicking have been intense! This child is very very lively! Another symptom I've awesome received was bloody nose. It randomly shows up, but I've been lucky its showed up only while I was in a bathroom. Also, shortness of breathe...I'm loving that one! >.< I love trying to get a toy upstairs before I leave and midway up...I'm about to pass out. lol But all in all I am thankful to feel such life grow inside my body is truly amazing!

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