Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 23

[2o12 Election Day with Dean in a back carry]

Yesterday was 2o12 Presidential Election Day. I remember the first time I voted for president in 2oo8 early because I was giving birth to my first born son. This whole week has been super busy. With Hurricane Sandy, the gas odd-even gas ration, we still celebrated Max's 4th Birthday with a BANG! With having another child we made sure it was Max's day. Whatever he wanted he got! Birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, Taco Bell snack/lunch, Toys R Us bought him his first big boy bike and awesomely cool helmet, and homemade from scratch red velvet cake with cream cheese filling and cream cheese icing on top. Monday, went to Menlo Mall to T.O.T. Two hours and went to 95% of the participating store also two buckets full of candy we are good on the candy. Yesterday, on Election Day my parents bought Max a birthday cake. Wednesday for his class im making cupcakes for his classmates. Full week...tiring for me but all worth it seeing my child extremely happy.

[Max's second Birthday cake]

I've noticed with every week now for babywearing I MOST DEFINITELY can NO LONGER front carry. Back carries on a mei tai or the Boba is my go to. Sometimes my ring slings for hip carries. Other than that...another new thing is getting up from a laying position or the couch is harder. Getting off the bed I need to roll over, or as Max calls it, "EGG ROLL!!!" I'm seriously feeling the pregnancy now! I know that I'm pregnant but starting my morning off "EGGROLLING" off the bed...that's the sure sign I'm blowing up. I still have food aversion to chicken which I find rather annoying. I like chicken but I found myself so in love with beef...I usually keep away from beef and pork unless a sudden craving needed to be satisfied. :D I have only gained 5 pounds during the whole pregnancy. With my pregnancy with Dean I lost 30 pounds and gained only 10 pounds. I think its going to be the same...just hoping and praying it all goes well in the end too!

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