Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 22

[Halloween 2o12 Max & Dean as Mario & Luigi]

Let me start this off with crazy ass storm Sandy is and was a pain. Everyone all over the eastern seaboard went nuts, some were fine. My family and I were fine and prepared so no worries here. What I worried about most was when Rad would drive to and from work each area of New Jersey had different forecasts. We also just got our power back last night around 2-3am. Thank God he was off Monday through Wednesday, but Thursday had to go back. Ughk…But it’s all good today Thursday, November 1st. Halloween was yesterday sunny but decent weather than we all originally thought it would be. Now let the real Baby Bump Journal begin!

Happy Halloween! It’s 2012 and my third Halloween of being pregnant. Imagine that third pregnancy, well twice in a row. 2011’s Halloween I was a very pregnant polar bear with my Spirithoods. For this year’s Halloween theme, Max thought of Mario Party Family. He is Mario, Dean is Luigi, Rad is Bowser, I am Princess Peach and on my belly is a picture of a Bowser Bomb. :D Number three is definitely a part of this year’s theme and the four of us is excited to include him/her!

This past week went rather well again. Nothing much to report. My baby bump is growing and definitely can’t miss it. Oh wait I have noticed my stretch marks coming back and I’ve started applying more of my Mama Belly balm from Balm Baby. Also how it seems as if every hour I am running to the bathroom with a full bathroom. Maneuvering around a crowd of parents while picking up Max from Pre-K is a challenge. I usually put Dean in a carrier. This past two weeks my go to carrier is our ring sling. [The black Maya or the girasol rainbow amitola red weft.] I have had no back problems like I did with my second pregnancy with Dean. It’s as if my first trimester was like Dean’s pregnancy and the rest just like Max’s. My pregnancy with Max was freaking awesome! As if I was never pregnant at all. Yes there were the occasional tiredness and my sense of smell was like, well is like a blood hound. :D So for the rest of the pregnancy may it be easy sailing. Happy Halloweenie boys and girls and screw you Sandy >.<

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