Sunday, November 4, 2012

Max's 4th Birthday

Today at 3:23 pm Max turned 4 years old. Like every year I'd take a photo of him the night before while he slept. So as November 4th turned [also daylight savings time] we all woke up ran to Max and super molested him with hugs and kisses! :D Started the day of with his big birthday breakfast. I added a little blue candle for him to blow out on top of the toast. We got ready for his birthday party hangout at Chuck E. Cheese at 11 am and ended 1 pm. He had lots of fun seeing few friends and getting those free tickets! We went for a quick lunch snack at Taco Bell and then stopped at Toys R Us for his birthday gift. We picked the big ticket item green bike but what was awesome about it was that he picked his own helmet.

We went home, Rad put the bike together and I made the birthday cake. Red Velvet with Cream Cheese filling and cream cheese icing. Just looking at it would make you have diabetes lol. I turned it a little too fast and it fell much for his Lego themed birthday cake. But its ok because I just lathered the icing on top and Max put his on candles on top! In the end he had a great day and he got everything he wanted. I'm super tired but glad he had his day the way he wanted it! We love you Max Happy 4th Birthday! xoxo

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