Saturday, October 27, 2012

State Of Emergency In NJ For Sandy

Is this storm going to be as annoying as sand in my underwear? I say YES! We are prepared in our home. Husband has been cleaning up the backyard for children's toys, patio furniture, and other items that are a potential hazard when winds pick up. I've heard in Central New Jersey area the winds can pick up to 70 mph! Sandy is going to be a hassle for the states and the surrounding states for sure. Power outages that can take up to a week or more to fix. Also a sad note on the children is that if there's a big enough mess that can harm them Halloween could be canceled. I hope not...It's my favorite holiday too. :/ But all that aside, I feel we are good and prepared. I've called my parents who live relatively close to make sure they are okay too. I guess best thing to do now is to prepare for the worst. Better safe than sorry. Especially when there are young children and the elderly are involved. Prepare yourselves and your home people and please be safe!

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