Monday, October 1, 2012

Reading Horizons Review and Giveaway


I have two children and soon three. I came across Reading Horizons and received their reading program C522: Home School Intensive Phonics Teachers Kit for Max and was honestly scared. The two large volume of teachers manual and the third huge Sound Essentials were enough for me to call it quit, but I knew that helping my child progress would be amazing. Not a lot of parents can say that they themselves taught their own children how to read. As I went over the program myself first, it wasn't that bad. :D I went through it quick and started going over the first sections and the Little Red Book with 9 stories to help Max learn how to read. There are four total Little Books: Little Red Book, Little Blue Book, Little Green Book, and Little Orange Book.

Max is 3 years old and almost 4 years old. Some people might be thinking is this stay at home bored and now forcing her child to start reading? I actually asked Max if he wanted to start doing homework and he was honestly very interested to learn. I was worried that he wouldn't catch on right away, but talked it over with my husband and he said, "It's not a race and he'll do it on his own way and pace." He was right and made me feel very confident to go forward on teaching our son to learn how to read. "Phonics are your friend!" Max said. He is right after just a month of going over phonics Little Books and going over the awesome flash cards, Max was learning and heading the right path. He honestly still can't read, but when he sees a word he looks at it and analyzes the letter with its corresponding phonetic sounds. Most of the time he actually got what the word said.

This review wouldn't be entirely valid until I asked Max what he thought about it. He said that it was boring at times but was still wanting to learn. He is easily excitable and sometime does get bored easily. He is three going on to four. This program took a while on him. Now being a second month, Max has grown to our schedule of thirty minutes to an hour depending on his mood in the morning right after breakfast. We do call it "school and homework time" He now enjoys it because he is understanding things more. I did wish he was easier to teach but again each child is different. Max is continuing his lessons on Reading Horizons and is doing extremely well.

I can't wait to use Reading Horizons Home School Intensive Phonics Teachers Kit again on Dean once he is ready to learn. Also on the rest of the children my husband and I have. This program is great, after using it on one child you can continue using it on another. A one purchase multiple child usage. It doesn't go to waste and is very helpful. Now that I have experienced teaching and continue teaching Max with this program, I feel fully confident to do it with Dean in a couple of years. My family is excited to put Max into Pre-K program in local school knowing he is going to do well and might even do better than Mommy and Daddy. That's all we could hope for, that our children do better than we did. Thank you so much Reading Horizons for the wonderful opportunity of providing a great phonics program for my children!


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  1. This is such an AWESOME giveaway! My oldest will be 3 at the end of this month and we are just starting to do work recognition, etc.
    Thanks for sharing :)


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