Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 21

[Last year October 24th pregnant w Dean 30 weeks & 2 Days]

I made it!...Well half way through my pregnancy. I feel like this just happened...LAST YEAR! [because it did.] Can you remember what you were doing a year ago? I sure did. Was relaxing with Max at my dad's house with Dean still baking. That's pretty much it. :D

Now October 24th 2012...

[20 weeks feeling not so super in the morning]

When you have two kids and are pregnant its like coming home from a one night stand...with half my make up still on [raccoon eyes], the same clothes as yesterday [where the hell are my pants?!], messy bed hair, feel like a total mess, and where COFFEE ISNT GONNA HIDE ALL THE UGLY SH*T THAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY! [baby throw up, cooking dinner mess in the kitchen, husband tried to change a poopy cloth diaper and i ended up cleaning the rug and child.] For those who think I make having two kids and being pregnant look good thanks! lol...ughkkk but I sure feel like sh*t in the mornings. lol Halfway through 20 more weeks before the real test begins...lovely lol. Even super moms   have crappy days. :P

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