Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 19

[cabbage urine test]

Old Wives Tales: Gender Predictions
I will be listing a billion and a half old wives tales. I will actually try them out to see the results versus next weeks BIG GENDER REVEAL.

Shape of my belly. Big and round = girl. Small and sticks out = boy.
Results: girl. [my belly has always been like that lol please!]

Ring swing direction. Back and forth = boy. In a circle = girl.
Results: boy.

Fast heart rate. Near 170 bpm = girl. Near 150 bpm = boy.
Results: girl.

Shape of my face. Round = girl. Long and narrow = boy.
Results: girl. [really?! my face is always round and fat lol.]

The key test. Pick up the round end = boy. Long end = girl.
Results: girl.

The Chinese gender calendar. You need your Chinese age first before you look at the chart.
Results: boy. [Max was supposed to be a girl lol.]

The Mayan tale. Mom's age and month of conception add it up. If even = girl. Odd = boy.
Results: boy.

Baking soda. A tablespoon of baking soda in a cup and do not directly pee on it. Bubbles up = boy. Little to none = girl.
Results: girl.

Drain-O test. A tablespoon of Drain-O in a cup and pee on it. [do not inhale mamas.] Green = girl. Blue = girl.
Results: girl.

Acne. Having a lot = girl. Little to nothing = boy.
Results: boy [has nothing to do with the sex how ridiculous]

Cravings: Salty = boy. Sweets = girl.
Results: boy [although Filipino thinks its the other way around so results for that is girl.]

Gaining weight. All over = girl. Belly only = boy.
Results: boy. [as of right now only in my second trimester, but then again I have food aversion, I haven't gain any weight I've lost!]

Cabbage. Cut a piece, boil and place in a bowl with equal parts of water and urine [first urine of the day is best!] Red/pink = boy. Purple = girl.
Results: girl [hmm, all that for a result that's 50/50 lol]

Graceful or Clumsy. Graceful = girl. Clumsy = boy.
Results: boy [pregnant or not im accident prone.]

Morning sickness. Yes = girl. Little to none = boy.
Results: boy.

Mood swings. Yes = girl. Little to none = boy.
Results: girl. [really?! how do you not have mood swings?! YOURE PREGNANT!]

Stress test. Less stressed parent will be the sex of the baby. Rad is less stressed = boy. I'm always stressed lol = girl.
Results: boy. [max and dean were stressed out babies but this baby is so calm so its a girl?]

Dream. You'll have the opposite of what you dreamed off.
Results: boy [I dreamed of Max as a boy he came out a boy.]

Model your hands. Palms up = girl. Palms down = boy.
Results: BOTH [funny without thinking I put out one of each.]

Sleep position. Right = girl. Left = boy.
Results: BOTH [I can't make up my mind but when I wasn't pregnant I prefer right.]

Intelligender, not really old wives tales. You pee on it and it'll tell you. First of all it only measures the urine's ph so get some fish tank ph test strips, not only are they cheaper but its the same thing!

Ultrasound, also not 100% with gender test. There have been mothers expecting a girl and buy all girl clothes and themed nursery when the baby came out it was a boy...

Out of 20 [not including the intelligender and ultrasound.] boy = 10. girl = 10. 50/50. Even with all these old wives still can't tell me crap. WHATEVER! Ultrasound on the 15th...wait can I even trust an ultrasound?!...ughk lol.

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