Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 18

[First Self Belly Bump Photo]

Well...nothing much happened this week. I did host a local Nationwide Applebees Nurse-In at Edison, New Jersey. It went rather well and made friends with other mamas! This was my second nurse in and was glad to be a part of it. Other than that I was thinking of ways how you would know you're pregnant. So here's a list I came up with!

Pivot and turn. From left to right. You know you're pregnant or fat when you do this.
Sleeping on my belly and I feel like I'm squeezing my lungs and bladder.
Sexy waddler. Getting wide you have to waddle but in denial so to try to still walk on sexy.
Lift and stand. Just getting up from a sitter position is a work out.
Gasping for air you're not swimming you're either just walking or going up or down the stairs.
Pretend to eat like an adult but eat children's sized portions because a quarter of the plate is enough.
When a gallon and a half of water just isn't enough.
Just peed your pants from sneezing or laughing too hard.
Constantly hold your belly like it'll prevent the baby from falling out.
Ordering/buying a drag queen sized shoe because your feet expended like a ducks webbed feet.

Those in the list were my personal all varies from woman to woman lol.

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