Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mini Red Velvet Molten Cake

I had the worst craving for sweets last weekend. With this pregnancy I prefer the salty and nonsweets for treats. So I went all out. Craved Chilli's Molten Lava Cake...so I made my own. A Mini Red Velvet Molten Lava Cake with Cookie Dough Ice Cream with Chocolate Drizzle. This will make everyone in the house gather in the next room drooling while they wait. I know my husband sent Max down the kitchen to spy on what I was making. Sneaky guys! >.< Anyways...here's a quick version.

What You'll Need:
Red Velvet Cake mix [eggs, water, veg. oil]
Ice cream [whatever flavor]
Chocolate Syrup
Hot Fudge [jar from a store]
Cup cake pan
Cup cake liners
Mixer/egg beater
Baking spray

I made everything from scratch because I'm a nut job lol. But this is a quick way to do it too. Nothing too fancy just bake, prepare, and inhale. So, Preheat the oven to whatever the box says. Make your red velvet cake mix. Spray the cupcake pan with baking spray and put the cupcake liners on. Put batter in the pan, bake, and wait to cool off after done baking. Peel the liners off turn them upside down cut a circular hole on the top add the hot fudge. Scoop of ice cream on and add the chocolate drizzle on top. You can even add whip cream and a cherry on top but this was prefect for a mini dessert. Again Enjoy!

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