Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fried Tofu With Sweet Chilli Sauce

[fried tofu for lunch]

Since my pregnancy cravings has kicked into high gear, I decided to make fried tofu with sweet chilli sauce. Quick and easy way. Baking is healthier but I was in a hurry lol.

What You'll Need:
firm tofu
3/4 corn starch
1/4 corn meal

To start drain tofu off for a couple of minutes. Put a half an inch of oil in a pan and turn on. While drying, mix corn meal corn starch salt and pepper in a bowl. Then cut tofu into 1 inch squares. Fry 3 minutes each side. I personally like them extra crispy so left them in for 5 minutes each side. :D I poured a sauce of sweet chilli sauce in a bowl. Made Korean white rice and enjoyed our lunch. Quick and easy! By the way my husband hates tofu but loved this meal! [great protein.]

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