Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fire Prevention Iselin New Jersey Volunteer Fire Department

[Max posing with the fire engine.]

As in my previous post, this week is Fire Prevention Week! Their theme is "Have 2 Ways Out!" We went to further educate myself and Max. Even if he is only 3 years of age...the knowledge he has now about fire safety at home, in the kitchen, and how to properly get out of a burning building/area will stay with him forever! I am thankful for having such an awesome community and friends who show our children about fire safety. We arrived and a cool fire engine robot came out singing about how to "stop! drop! and roll!"

 [Max carefully climbing out of the second floor]

We went outside with a cool demonstration on how to properly put a fire out with a fire extinguisher. "P.A.S.S!" [pull the pin, aim at base of the fire, squeeze the handle, and sweep] Max even got to use a fire extinguisher to put the [controlled] fire out. He was super excited about feeling involved. [I believe he learned more because he was involved.] We also got to go into a two leveled pretend kitchen and room. [the fire prevention trailer] Max learned how to properly put a kitchen fire out. Also how to make sure to feel a hot door/window and climb out when the house is on fire. Thank you Iselin Volunteer Fire Company #1 District #9 for the great educational presentation!

[Fire Chief Edward R. Mullen, Freddie the talking fire truck, and Max]

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