Monday, October 1, 2012

Edison NJ Applebees Nurse-In 2012

First I would like to thank THinc Balm Baby for sponsoring Edison Nj's Applebees Nurse-In. Also for Edison Applebees support! We had breastfeeding mamas and their babes, children no longer nursing, mamas with their babies who don't nurse, dads, grandfathers, and Applebees manager and the staff who were there joining and supporting our wonderful cause. Awareness on public breastfeeding!

We made our nurse-in peaceful, informative, and fun. I love how we started our location's event with Applebees area manager and assistant stating, "We support breastfeeding mothers and our staff is fully aware of New Jersey public breastfeeding laws." They also said if we needed and/or wanted anything to not hesitate to ask. We were happy to hear that they were on board and supported the cause. They also offered a free lunch/dinner for us after the nurse in.

As we walked in Dean my 9 month old son happened to be nursing I cradled him while my breast hung out nothing crazy. I was greeted with a smile and customers looked and smiled and some looked but quickly looked away. There was no complaints and we were very friendly to everyone that passed us by. And NO, I did not use any covers. Signs were set up and our big poster on our cars. We set out blankets under the tree and talked about nursing and our experiences with NIP [nursing in public.] Most of us had wonderful outings breastfeeding in public with no problems. Others had stares... All in all the event went well and we couldn't have asked for a better nurse in. Thank you mamas who came with your babes to show awareness and for our awesome supporters!

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