Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIY Glow In The Dark Jars

What You'll Need:
Glow in the dark necklace/bracelet/sticks [get from dollar stores]
Chilled jars
old clothes

First an adult must do this! Not a craft a child should be involved in. Make sure you have old clothes on just in case you spill any on your shirt/pants. Put your gloves and goggles on. Cut the glow in the dark sticks and place the liquid in the jar. Adding a little water makes the water last a little longer. Also having the jars chilled in the freezer before hand helps! Mix the colors to make other shades. Enjoy!


  1. Note of warning, those glow necklaces have thin glass inside them, that's what keeps the chemicals separate until you break it. So not just only for adults to make, but period.

  2. when you cut the glow sticks the liquid doesn't come out ? How do you get it out ?

    1. It should just pour right out if not cut a small opening on the opposite end to allow air to get in and it will pour out then.


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