Monday, October 29, 2012

Disney Pixar's Advanced Screening Of Wreck It Ralph

Thursday night we were invited to attend Disney Pixar’s advanced screening of Wreck It Ralph in New Brunswick New Jersey AMC Lowes Theater  I decided to bring Max as a treat instead of my husband. As we walked in we were asked to get a 3D glasses and Max screamed, “My first 3D movie mama!” He was so excited and I was so excited for him. We met up with another fellow blogger and close friend and watched. There was a short movie Paperman in the beginning where even Max said, “Awe” :D

As the film progressed, I looked over at Max with his mouth wide open or a big smile. He was captured by the cool story. Funny and sweet story line definitely surprised me on how much I loved the movie. I wished my husband and Dean came along. :D But they were too busy having their own Daddy and me date night :D Towards the end of the movie we cheered for the characters and were extremely happy when it ended. My review does not fully count without my 4 year old’s honest review. He stated with a big smile, “Mama, we need to buy anything Wreck It Ralph! I love the movie, I want to watch it with Daddy and Dean!” He also repeated quotes from the movie and named his favorite parts. I even found myself telling my husband about my favorite parts and he told me to stop because he also NOW wants to see it. Jealous Daddy should have come along with us. Wreck It Ralph is definitely a great movie to see whether you are on a date, with your children, young and old everyone will enjoy this great film!

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