Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 17

[Put Dean in the basket instead of the floor whoops lol]

Now I've heard of "pregnancy brain" but I'm seriously at a new level! I feel like I have dementia and amnesia in the most extreme. :/ First I had my usual prenatal appointment at St. Peter's University Hospital since they moved I was supposed to go to their new location about 15 minutes away from the hospital. I ended up going to the old spot and since it was in the morning...I ended up being an hour late :/ Dear lord! Next going to another appointment thinking I was late when I was early...A MONTH EARLY! I got lost on the way home.

I've set so many things down and forgotten where I've placed them. I actually put my keys in the fridge. I put Maxwell in the bathroom and forgot [thought he was in the downstairs bathroom and I went crazy thinking he ran away! lol Dean's clean cloth diaper put it in the diaper pail when I kept the dirty one on.

I feel like a real mess! :/ I can't talk either. I think faster in my head and it just comes out all backwards or sideways or something. As if I am verbally dyslexic? Does that make sense? I don't know! But I try really hard to get it together...even if I end up looking or being stupid 98% of the time. :D lol Ah pregnancy I swear it messes you up more with each and every single pregnancy. Ughk :/ lol


  1. bless your heart. This is a funny post

    1. Thanks lol if you met me in person I'm a total mess lol it's kinda funny at least that's what my husband says lol


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