Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 16

[The Boys!]

[Making being lost in the woods look good while 4 months pregnant!]

So one day my wonderful husband thought it would be a great idea to take a walk....Little did I know it'd be the craziest two hours of my third pregnancy life! Here's the story! I am 16 weeks, feeling pretty good same as last week and we drive up to Rutgers Gardens. They have a trail and Frank G. Heylar's Forest. I'll never forget that damn name! Let me just warn you if your a lazy couch potato like me this trail is NOT for you! We started at one and ended up getting lost and looping around for TWO HOURS!!!!! Ending up in number 12. I don't know how many miles that was but THAT WAS NOT A WALK THAT WAS A HIKE! I was wearing flip flops back carrying Dean while Rad carried Max on his shoulders. I would'nt mind if I knew that it was a hike but I was not prepared. Did not stretch, wore flip flops, did not bring water! We started out by Ryders Lane and somewhere near the end we saw route 18 and the restaurant On The Border. We were that close I thought I was playing frogger! Ughk...Rad said, "Don't be mad babe...It was great exorcise wasn't it?" I looked at him as if I was slowly stabbing his soul to death! OH IT WAS HOT TOO! >.< God I was a mess but Max enjoyed himself and in the mess of everything and getting lost we got cool photos! But really it was tiring and crazy! Towards the end seeing all the people I felt like I've been out in the wilderness for a week with no food and I was being rescued! I will NEVER do that again...well until I give birth! lol Long interesting day!

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  1. how does it feel wearing your baby while pregnant does it feel like a lot of pressure?? i havent tried it.. i guess i should

    1. I haven't had a problem with back carry. front, i can't do anymore bc my lower back would hurt and or my lower "pouch" area lol will cramp up so front is a no no! i can do side too an easy one whether pregnant or not...well depends on the type or pregnancy youre having lol. i love the ring sling too! but back carry all the way mama!


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