Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Baby Bump Journal: Week 15

[Relaxing and playing in the backyard!]

Yo it's been a week! It felt like it took forever just to get over to another week. Well, I am 15 weeks. Nothing much happened. I've been feeling great pregnancy wise. As a mother of an eight month old hard. He's sleeps been all over the place and being pregnant...all I want is MY SLEEP! So as my father says, "Being a parents requires a lot of sacrifice." I asked him, "Your my parent can't you just do my sacrificing for me?!" Lmao. He just looked at me and laughed...hard. :/ Hmm But with laughing aside, my father told me that he will be able to help out with dropping and pick Max up from school when Im dead from baking one child and raising the other. VERY THANKFUL!

Other than my side family life...Everything has been going well. Nothing too stressful. I have been really relaxed, I haven't had bad "smell" episodes. All is well. My children and I have been taking walks out before it gets too cold out. We play in the backyard and just have a wonderful time together. I wonder how long it'll last lol. I hope the rest of my pregnancy goes well. I know I am only 15 weeks, but I can't wait until I hit my 20th. October 15th, we'll be finding out what the sex of the baby is. :D Life is good this week. I'm happy!


  1. So happy for you guys...We will see you the 22nd:)

  2. yay how exciting... im looking forward to finding out the sex..

  3. super fun times right now, I look forward to hearing what your having :-)


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