Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Baby Bump Journal: 14 Weeks

[pregnancy x-rays and dental work?!]

Many pregnant mamas who have problems with their teeth wonder if its safe to go to the dentists. Well since I am in my second trimester, my OB said I am safe to go to the dentist and get any work needed. I'm honestly not the best fan of dentist. All I remember with my childhood dentist was that she was rough and I could barely understand her with her thick accent. lol Over the years I've tried my best to brush twice even trice daily. With flossing and mouth wash. Apparently doing that and hiding from the dentist wasn't enough. :/ Sad to say I had a few cavities and needed to finally take all four of my wisdom teeth out. I was honestly scared not only for me but for my kids. The one currently baking and Dean the one Im breast feeding. I personally have a high pain tolerance and hate to take any pills even tylenol.

When I discuss to my OB I was having pain in my teeth she opted for me to visit the dentist. I had to get x-rays done. Since I am pregnant they seriously put five layers on top of me. I could hardly breathe, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It was safer to have a billion covers than one. :D The dentist gave me a letter of approval for further work done on me. My OB gave it a green light saying only local anesthesia, tylenol with codeine, and Penicillin are okay for me to take during second trimester and while breast feeding. As of yesterday I got two of my fillings and one wisdom tooth taken out. In two weeks they will take out my last wisdom tooth and do the other two fillings. I am truly glad I am getting this done. With Dean's pregnancy towards 5th month until the end I was having horrible tooth aches. All I could take was tylenol. This was my experience being in my second trimester with a clear from my OB. Not every OB would okay dental work. Ask first and if it truly is that bad try to get work done in the second trimester. :D

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  1. that is so crazy cher my dr. wouldnt do any work on my teeth when i was prego with ashton... but good thing you did especially if you were having pain... you go mama.. hope your feeling better


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