Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bloggers Wanted: Madelaine Chocolate Giveaway

1 Haunted Hunt Game
1 Halloween Mini Duets Pack
1 Gooey Ghouls Pail
5 Individually wrapped oval ghosts
1 Fall Mix Malt Balls Gift Bag
1 Bag Milk Chocolate Covered Pecans

Sign ups are open until September 24th.
 HTML Code will be sent sometime between the 24th and 26th.
 Facebook and Twitter links are free with announcement post.
If you do not make an announcement post and leave the URL in the form you will be removed from the giveaway.
The announcement post must be a blog post.
Co-host spots will be placed on the blog post and will be seen on all the blogs that participate.
You will also be listed in premium spots on the Rafflecopter.
Additional links are available for a fee.
Paying bloggers will have their links moved up in the rafflecopter.
This is going to be a fun giveaway for a lot of chocolate.
Who doesn’t like chocolate and it’s just in time for Halloween!!
Giveaway will run from September 28th to October 10th 2012.
Sign up below!

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