Tuesday, September 25, 2012

9 Month Infinity Review


When I received 9 Month Infinity wrap, I was immediately excited to try it's awesome design that offers an infinite number of unique and flattering styles. Wether you are a mama that are pregnant or post pregnancy months this is a beautiful product to use. Using the infinity ring and it's luxurious fabric is easy as wrapping a towel around yourself. You are free to create whatever look for any occasion. Perfect for for any occasion and use: the office, your baby shower, a wedding or just hanging out with your friends.

I invited a few of my mama friends over to try it. We are all different shapes and sizes and it all fit very well. I had mama friend who were pregnant, not pregnant at all, mama's post pregnancy, and myself who nurse and are pregnant. We all agreed that this beautiful and very comfortable product fit us all well and that it was easy to put on once we watched the tutorials. I also went to a party and had many comments on how cute my shirt was. Once I told them it was actually a wrap, they were intrigued and amazed at how easy I could nurse Dean. Thank you 9 Month Infinity for this awesome product! I'll be using it for a very long time! :D

The Single Strap

My favorite style to wear!

One Mama's Story

I am a [working, wife/mother, pregnant] woman, who is just trying to get dressed in the morning. I was at that stage where I could stuff myself into my pre-pregnancy clothes, but I surrendered to pulling out my maternity wardrobe from my first child. I couldn't believe how worn and stretched out everything was. So, I began ordering maternity clothes [again]. I was drowning in all of them, but knew in a few short months they would be too small. I just wanted a few nice maternity shirts that I could wear throughout my pregnancy. A shirt I could wear to work and special events, but then still feel comfortable in when I snuggled up in my Yoga pants, after work. I wanted something that would transition through the seasons of my pregnancy. I wanted something I could wear often, but not look like I was wearing the same shirt, every day. And that's how 9 Month Infinity was born.

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