Sunday, August 5, 2012

Zulily Breastfeeding Week Deals

Breastfeeding Week Deals!

Did you know that The La Leche League International has a store?! I did because I'm a search a holic! Right now on Zulily are having a sale up to 50% click here. The sale ends August 4th at 6pm pst.

The Peanut Shell is store that sells products from stylish hospital gowns to shopping cart covers to nursing covers. They believe, "Just because your life has changed, doesn't mean you have." Styles for eclectic mamas on the go! Zulily are having their sale up to 60% click here. The ends August 4th at 6pm pdt.

You! Lingerie is store that sells awesome sexy looking nursing and maternity bras and undies. Zulily are having their sale up to 60% click here. The ends August 6th at 6pm pdt.

Peek Away is an online store that sells cute new breastfeeding travel kit. Zulily are having their sale up to 70% click here. The ends August 7th at 6am pdt.

Pump Ease was created by the typical multi-tasking mom.  Zulily are having their sale up to 40% click here. The ends August 8th at 6am pdt.

Join Zulily and The Leaky B@@b next Monday, August 6th for a special Twitter party to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week! Check all the details here!


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