Tuesday, September 4, 2012

THinc Balm Baby Review & Giveaway


THinc Balm Baby is an awesome online store that sells natural, organic, vegan products that are also packaged in eco-friendly containers. They sell in categories of Natural Skin & Body, Soap, Baby, Pregnancy & Nursing, and RAW Essensial Oils. Once I received the products first thing I did was smell them. lol Yes...smell them! I'm pregnant and if I honestly don't like the scent...I wouldn't use it. My mind was blown away without looking at the ingredients I took a whiff and said "Ummm yummy cocoa and lavender!" Looking at Balm Baby's products Mama Belly for moisturizing growing pregnant bellies. Nipple Soother for a mama's breast feeding needs. Diaper Balm for babies bottoms, also great for cloth diaper use. Sun Natural great natural product for sun protection for the kids! After trying all the products and smelling them lol I was very happy! All these products are great and I don't need to worry using them on myself [pregnant & nursing] or my children. I love it! My favorite product hands down is the Nipple Soother and close second is Mama Belly! It's safe for pregnant mothers and best of all safe for our children! Thanks THinc Balm Baby!

The Nipple Soother is by far one of the best products I've tried to sooth my nipples. Currently I am breast feeding Dean [my 7.5 months old son] and I'm also pregnant! So any mamas out there knows being pregnant alone you'll have sore breasts. >.< So double that with a teething 7.5 month old who is exclusively breast feeding...BAM! My breasts are at war hormonally and environmentally. Upon application it relieved the soreness I've been feeling for days! Oh, and it smelled great like cocoa and shea butter! I noticed it also helped with the dryness and horrible itching I had in the area. I love love love this product. As long as I'm breast feeding, The Nipple Soother by THinc Balm Baby is my go to!
Mama Belly a moisturizer for growing pregnant bellies is my second favorite product by THinc Balm Baby. After just having my second child, my belly looks like a total mess! lol I'm not gonna lie. Being in major need of moisturizing the product works great. It again smelled great like The Nipple Soother. It has minimized my stretch marks that I already had and hope it'll continue as my belly grows again as the months progress. Mama Belly is not a lotion, cream, or greasy...it was whipped. After smelling it I wanted to eat it. lol As I applied the product upon my belly is was smooth and eased the itchiness and redness from all the crazy scratching I've been doing. I will be a loyal Mama Belly fan for the duration of my pregnancy for sure! It is also a Vegan product! 
Diaper Balm goes with me everywhere I go. Not only is it for diaper usage [cloth diaper safe] you can use it for eczema, psoriasis, bug bites, lips, cracked feet, dry hands, razor burn, dry eye patches, cuticles, newborns peeling skin, diaper rash, itchy cradle cap, drippy nose sores, scrapes, cuts, bumps, minor rashes, hemorrhoids, scratches, sunburns and more! This Diaper Balm/1st Aid All in One is amazing! Can't go wrong having it in your diaper bag all the time!
Now being summer I've been looking around for a natural sun screen to use for both Max and Dean...This works well on both the boys. Dean didn't get bothered by it at all like the other spray on baby sun screen where he'd be very tempted to eat and that's scary! It also doubles as a Mad Diaper Rash Treatment! As it states it contains 35% NON-nano zinc, it replaces the need for prescription diaper creams with a natural alternative. For cloth diaper parents please be sure to use liners if using this product on baby's bottom.

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One of my lucky followers will get a chance to win all products I reviewed [1] Mama Belly, [1] Nipple Soother, [1] Diaper Balm, & [1] Sun Natural! A total value of $40! This giveaway is open to US, Canada, and International residents and 18 years of age and older. Ends Tuesday, September 18th, 2012.

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  1. Mama Belly giveaway! Imma try this one. Think this will work in my stretch marks

  2. The Nipple Soother sounds like a great product.


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