Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 77

10 things you love about your significant other (or kids or pets).

10 things I love about Rad...
1. He's different he definitely doesn't follow what everyone else does.
2. He doesn't love romantically. Sounds weird I know but I'm more of a actions speak louder than words type of chick.
3. His eyes...the bluest just like the sky.
4. His very odd sense of humor. I love to laugh and I don't like them boring.
5. He loves his kids more than me. As I love my kids more than him.
6. How he talks in his sleep in Polish even though I don't understand a lick.
7. He is a very responsible man. For finding out your going to be a parent a month before you turn 21 and finishes college ahead to find a job to support his new family. He is amazing!
8. How he doesn't bullshit. He is very straight forward and to the point. Im not gonna run around in circles to figure you out I like it simple.
9. How he's his own person without me and while he's with me. I don't like conforming to ones significant other. He does not pretend to go with what I like if he honestly opposes it. Keeping it interesting. I kinda like to arguee :)
10. Because he didn't marry me when he knocked me up. He married me because he loved me. I never wanted to get married just because a guy knocked me up. I wanted a man to love me and devote his love only for me.

10 things I love about my children...
1. They make waking up at the crack of dawn fun. Like pulling my hair or throwing a toy at me. It's never boring! :)
2. Their smile alone can make the crappiest day brighter than sunshine. And I've had pretty crappy days. Lol
3. They are just the silliest things on earth. Max says something silly and Dean does that silly noise where it sounds like the screech from hell lol.
4. How Max impresses me with skills I didn't teach him. "Mommy it says Lego!" [there was no pictures just words from a blog I was reading.]
5. How Dean is currently standing with only one hand for assistance. Hitting milestone earlier than expected sounds like trouble coming too quickly but it makes me happy to know he's starting and wanting to take his first steps by himself without forcing him. It's all him! :D
6. How Max's eyes look like Rad's except for the color hazel to light brown.
7. How Dean's first constant word is "Tata!" Daddy in Polish.
8. How they willing play with each other and genuinely make each other laugh so hard they both drool up :)
9. The look on their faces when they need me. So much cuteness and innocence.
10. How even though they don't look alike,they have their own ways of doing things or mannerisms, they are the best of both me and Rad. I can't wait to meet our third child and see what silliness, what he/r eyes look like, his/her mannerisms, and smile!

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