Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 76

The hardest part of parenting is...

Caring so much your children. The over powering love and protection you feel that you would do anything for your child absolutely anything! When they are newborns caring in the sense of sleepless nights and when they happen to be sick the first time and you wished you were the one that was sick and not them. When they are of early school age how you wish you can bestow all your knowledge to them so their day goes well and they make new friends and best of all not cause trouble! :) When they are teenagers, getting into trouble and or their first heartbreak how you wish you can take their pain and their mistakes and have their innocence remain. Being a parent in all of the children's stage of life is hard. Wether their kid has an easy, hard, sad or happy life. We as parents strive our best daily to make them happy provide the best of everything for them emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. It is all hard we all just hope they turn out to be respectable, responsible, happy citizens. And in the end when they have their own children that they look back into their own childhood and thank their parents for doing a kick ass job! Man, I love the kids...I'm going to go hug them now and kiss them until they scream bloody murder. They are my life and my happiness. I would he nothing without them!

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