Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 72

Post a typical "day in the life" post.

Day In The Life...
Wake up
Roll around in bed for a bit
Go to the bathroom
Change Dean's cloth diaper
Max goes to the bathroom to pee
We either all go downstairs and I turn Disney jr on
Make Dean's breakfast 'mush'
Make Max's waffles
Make my daily bagel and hot cocoa
Feed Dean make sure Max finishes and doesn't make a mess of his food
Eat my breakfast
Say goodbye to Daddy as he goes off to work
Go back upstairs
Breastfeed Dean and play with him while Max watches the rest of his show
Dean either sleeps or goes on jumper
Max and I do school work [currently writing his ABCs and numbers]
Snack time
I do some blog work and check my emails
Play legos or toys with Max as Dean sleeps
Dean wakes up snack time for him finger puffs are his current joys
Play with Dean
[if any appointments or activities/errands I do it before lunch]
Lunchtime make some food for all of us
if making crock pot dinner I start at 1pm
Watch tv
Hang with the boys once Dean naps again I'll try to nap
Snack time
Go outside to walk or play
Do some arts and crafts outside if not too hot
Go back in do whatever we want to do
Wait for dinner to slowly cook or start making dinner
Clean up toys before dinner and before daddy gets home
Daddy gets home
We all eat dinner
Dean has his 'mush'
Clean up kitchen mess
Play and relax
Daddy plays with the boys
I relax do nothing :) [my favorite part really]
Bath time for the boys!
Get ready for bed
Watch either Tosh on Tuesday's, Futurama on Wednesdays, Tru Blood on Sunday's

Busy life not everything goes in order or as planned but that's normal. :)

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