Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Baby Bump Journal: 13 Weeks

How blessed are we have number three!

[Number 3!]

Yes, we are pregnant AGAIN and with number three. I am 13 weeks and 3 days as of today. We are due March 4th, 2013. To be honest with you, WE DID NOT SEE THIS COMING! But now we've confirmed it and checked off with a clean bill of health...we are excited! For the followers who know that I have Dean just born in January of this year, if you do the math............we conceived number three when Dean was only 4 months! A season old and he's already a big brother. Pretty crazy! Well God must have it in his plans to let us have 3 children so WHOOP THERE IT IS!

How did we find out?
Well we were walking into Target and from the moment the doors opened I made a face and said, "GOD! why does it smell like an auto body store in here like the opened a tire box or all those chemical crap?!" We ended up going to the back and when they opened those big doors...they were opening a new shipment for the automotive area. Rad looked at me and said we have to stop by another aisle! >.< lol we got it confirmed via ultrasound I was 8 weeks by then.

:D So any other mamas or soon to be mamas out there pregnant for the first quarter of 2013? Or any local mamas due around my due date?! :D


  1. Haha! What a great story! Gotta love pregnant Momma noses. Congratulations!!!

    I found your blog through Infantino's FB page. I think I will follow you, I like your sytle! :)


  2. A BiG Congrats to you! SO happy you are joining us pregnant mama's I look forward to reading all about your pregnancy.

  3. You have allot of stuff on your Blog, sometimes it hard to navigate around it. Keep up the good work im new at this. So if you would like any tips on contests I may be able to help.


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