Monday, August 27, 2012

30 Minutes Without Your Kids vs. With Your Kids

Isn't this just lovely? :D lol. How many mamas and papas out there just love taking a 10 minute errand and turning it into a 30 minute or an hour? Having kids is wonderful but "dragging" them along does take a long time. I just can't wait until all my kids are older and able to move on their own with out me saying a word. I have a 3.5 year old, can move by himself, can be helpful...but STILL A 3 YEAR OLD! What 3 year old listens?! I also have a 7.5 month old. They don't do much but the act of unpacking them out of the car seat to a carrier and or a stroller while a 3 year old refuses to leave his seat...ahhh wonderful! Bribery works! "Hey kid you want a toy? GET OUT!" lol Now that I am pregnant doesn't help my situation. I'm tired and cranky. I DO NOT have the energy to do anything let alone go to the damn pharmacy to pick up my prenatal...Ughk! Husband can sit in another 5 minute traffic and get it for me! Today's errand going to the post office. Pretty simple, go in drop and pay for package and pack the kid back in. NOOOOO! Mother Nature decides to be a "BIG MOTHER SOMETHING" lol. It was raining so hard I could hardly see what the hell was in front of me. Made it to the driveway alive, but my next task is to run in the house as fast as I can! CRAP! THE KID! Ah so instead of running in and having a cup of coffee within 5 minutes, I ran out unpacked the kid and came inside all soak and wet. Lovely! :/ At least he's still asleep and dry! So what's your experience with lugging around your beautiful wonderful bright eyed children around on errands? [NOTE: My kids are usually good]

[crappy photo but my shirt and jeans are ALL WET! >.<]

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