Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 47

A random act of kindness.

I love this one! I believe in doing one random act of kindness daily! My day usually goes as normal and even simply opening a door for another mom or person is a big check! I was having my doctor's check up and as I was heading out with my stroller and three year old, I saw another young mom pushing her double stroller. I put my stroller back inside and made way for her. It might be something as random as opening a door, and something small...but it helps another out and that makes me feel good. Max asked me, "Mommy that lady had a lot going on huh?" I told him, "Yes baby...that's why if you see someone who is having trouble and you know you can help...HELP! ok?" "Yes, so I can be a superhero!" Awe kids! :D


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