Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 39

What are some of your biggest pet peeves.

My husband does this a lot...he knows I "need" everything arranged in a certain particular manner, where just in case I go blind or its pitch dark I can find anything I want and or need. [I have OCD.] Example, I have a dvd collection when I lived at my parents house and when Rad would take one out he wouldn't put it back where IT BELONGED! [Alphabetically speaking.] I honestly knew all the names of my dvds and in the dark or blind folded I can pick the correct dvd. Yeah, I'm nuts. lol. It makes me feel better when things are organized and in order...straight in a line. But my husband always looks at me in the eyes puts the item back in the wrong place. It makes it worst when I am incapable of fixing it asap because I am currently breast feeding Dean. :/ When he did this to me when I was 8 months pregnant...I actually cried, had a fit, and was hyperventilating. Sad I Well, that's my pet peeve. What's yours?


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