Friday, July 13, 2012

Friggatriskaidekaphobia [Friday the 13th]

Superstitious much? Anything weird happen to you on this day, or on any Friday the 13th? the fear of Friday the 13th. Yes! Some people are actually scared of this day. How odd, but then again...Im not too fond of jello. [Jangelaphobia] You know this all started way back in Gionachino Rossini's 1869 biography 'Henry Sutherland Edwards'. Many italians thought of the day Friday to be bad and the number thirteen to be bad. The fact that Rossini died November, Friday the 13th just made it very "unlucky".

Since a great amount of Americans have the fear of Friday the 13th, Donald Dossey a behavioral scientist coined the word PARASKEVIDEKATRIAPHOBIA. A mouthful isnt it? Dossey said that this day costs the economy millions of dollars because people with the fear of this day tend to stay simply avoid it. For you that are afraid you can get ready for the next day in September 2013 14 months from NOW! lol What do you call superstitious/unlucky? Walking under a ladder, black cat crossing your path? Here's a few more I heard lol...hearing a rooster crow at night, getting out of bed left foot first, hold your breathe while passing a cemetery or you might breath in a spirit when you pass it lol, place your hand in front of your mouth when you sneeze of your soul , breaking a mirror, opened umbrella in a house...there's a lot! But enough of that!

[Not so lucky rabbit :/]

Personally, I've never had a "unlucky" Friday the 13th. In is one of my lucky days! Since this will be the last Friday the 13th of the year I'll make today the best! :D It is rather unsually how I would count this day to be my favourite and luckiest days of the year. All I know and remember is that I had a test and quiz in Social Studies and Math, subjects I hate something feirce! Back the I really didnt care for Friday the 13th. I never studied, never figured out how and/or why but I aced both exams. So coincidence! No, It happened again...

I was singing listening to the radio off to go out meet a friend somewhere, for some reason I looked in the back and as I turned around I looked at the clock 13:13pm [I had my watch set military time I was playing with it the other night.] I looked at the road and swerved to the right to stop. As I stopped the car, looked in my back seat and saw my Dad's missing Rosary...I saw a three car pile up happen where I just got out of. Every since that I've been seeing little of big things happening to me on this day. Oh and Friday the 13th last year...I was shopping and found $100.00 outside a store with my husband and kid. Lucky huh? Anyhoo...Just sharing my stories...Have a happy Friday the 13th y'all!


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  1. I've never had an unlucky Friday the 13th either...


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